Dress Code

Dress Code & School Uniform Guidelines


The SCUSD student uniform dress code requires children to be neat, clean, and appropriately dressed to participate in school activities. The uniform code will be enforced.  Should a child come to school out of uniform, a call will be made by the principal, or the principal’s designee to discuss the importance of wearing a school uniform.

The uniform colors are as follows:

  • Bottoms: Navy Blue, Khaki, or Black
  • Tops: White, Lite Blue, or Dark Blue
  • Absolutely NO RED!
  • Sleeveless shirts for boys or girls are NOT allowed

Any baggy, saggy, torn or tattered pants are not accepted.  Hair nets, do- rags, hats, sunglasses, bandanas, off the shoulder suspenders, short skirts and short shorts are not to be worn at school. Clothes or items that may be associated with gang membership are not to be worn at school.  Clothes that advertise beer or any other illegal substance is prohibited.  Clothes that advertise violence are not permitted.  Makeup, fake nails, and cologne are not permitted. These items are distracting to the educational process in the classroom.  Students are required to wear closed toe shoes.  Flip flop sandals are not permitted for safety reasons and completion of PE requirements.  Students will be given the opportunity to remove any inappropriate article of clothing, if possible, and the principal will retain that article of clothing or accessory until the parent/guardian is able to pick-up the item.  If necessary, the parent/guardian will be requested to bring a change of clothing for any student in violation of the education code.  Students will return to class upon meeting and reviewing dress code standards. Repeat offenders will receive the following intervention/ consequences:

  • Parents will be called by the teacher
  • A referral to the clothes closet will be made for families in need of assistance. 
  • Parent/teacher/principal or head teacher meeting

Uniform Waiver Procedure

Waivers to the SCUSD uniform policy will only be issued during the first two weeks of school.  Should a family request a waiver, the student will have to abide by the dress code requirements stated above, except for the white shirt and blue bottoms.  Instead of the white shirt and blue bottom requirement, students on waivers are required to wear plain shirts (no logos, writing or pictures) and plain pants.  No gang related colors are allowed, or any other gang related items or symbols or association.  This includes jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts.