Special Services

Special Services



The primary functions of the psychologist are to administer tests, assist in academic performance, and consult with teachers and parents regarding learning and behavior problems.  In addition, the psychologist works with Special Education students and is here one day a week.

Resource Specialist Program (RSP)

The Resource Specialist works with students who need help to succeed academically in the classroom by addressing their individual needs.  Students may qualify through the Special Education assessment process to receive assistance from the RSP teacher.  Students will receive RSP instruction up to 49% of their day.  An emphasis is placed on providing students with strategies they can utilize to compensate for their learning disability.  For more information, please see Molly Carter, our RSP teacher. 

Speech and Language

The speech and language specialist is responsible for speech and language evaluations and delivery of services to students who may be eligible.

Special Program

California law requires school districts to make special programs available to all pupils with exceptional needs who are eligible for services.  If facilities or services are not available, the district may arrange for a neighboring district to provide the special programs.

If a pupil is physically handicapped, intellectually delayed, developmentally delayed, multiple handicapped, or has other exceptional needs, and the district cannot provide a program, it must make available a free and appropriate education in a public or private nonsectarian school or agency that offers the necessary special education facilities and services.

Student Study Team (SST)

The Student Study Team holds a meeting for any student recommended by a teacher or parent.  The team consists of the parent or guardian of the student, principal, teacher, psychologist, speech and language specialist, Title 1 resource teacher, RSP teacher, and others. This team reviews individual student’s needs and plans alternative instructional strategies to assist the student in the classroom.  Testing could be provided to diagnose the problem with approval of the parents and referral by the team.

504 Accommodations

Students who do not quality for Special Education services, but have a specific medical disability such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and are having difficulties learning the curriculum, may qualify for a 504 plan. Before writing a 504 plan, all attempts will be made to meet the student’s needs through the SST process.  However, if needed, the SST can request a 504 plan.  The 504 plan coordinator is Pang Moua the TSA.

If a 504 plan is recommended, the SST will write the plan and review it annually.  While a 504 plan is not a Special Education plan, it is binding on the part of the services to the student and provides the students and parents with additional rights.  Should you have any questions regarding the 504 process, please call the TSA for assistance.